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How To Use Rack Middleware In Rails For Auto Completion?

In today's modern web applications auto completion/ auto suggestions are very common right from a small to very large applications, serving up multiple requests simultaneously with quick response from the server is very important to make the user experience better and...

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Secure Your Server With SSH Access

Secure Shell (SSH), sometimes known as Secure Socket Shell, is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer. It is widely used by network administrators to control Web and other kinds of servers remotely. SSH is actually...

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Ruby on Rails Development – How To Do it Agile?

The rapidly accelerating pace of technology change and a desire to achieve a competitive edge are forcing a growing number of organizations to re-evaluate the conventional approach of simply tossing resources at various enterprise projects and challenges. Agile...

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How to Build The Perfect Team?

Without doubt one of the main tasks of a startup CEO , is to create a dream team that will be in a position to get the entire startup off the ground. Nobody can reach ambitious objectives by themselves . With the greatest share of duties before the future team ,...

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The Ecommerce Web Development Guide

The question about the style of the conversion is common to the most of the online retailers, as it comes to them during the evolution of their business. Most people tend to think the optimal conversion will totally save their business and will draw the great number...

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Benefits of Hiring a Good Web Development Company

It is only a web development company which can give you a unique pulpit that is your very own website to make profits online. Without a website it is impossible to sell goods or services online and earn thousands of dollars as profits. Your website works as your...

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Custom Software Development With RailsCarma

RailsCarma specialize in offering software development services to companies considering outsourcing the development of Web applications, Mobile Applications, hosting platform automation and other projects. In the past 11+ years in the industry, we have enabled...

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Development Methodology From Developer’s Angle!!!

Development Methodology according to a developer is to use the following path for Ruby on Rails application development. 1. Write down a list of goals, roles, and features Goals - what the goals of the whole project are - business and otherwise. This will help you...

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All About MVC Architecture

Rails is web application frame work that includes everything needed to create database backed up web application according to the MVC (Model-view-Controller) MVC architecture is for —-when you create an application like online store and it require  HTML front for...

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