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One of UK’s leading companies for Asbestos removal and Abatement, the client wanted to create a state-of-the-art application to have an extensive view of all equipment for an individual office and top-down search for an item based on its serial number. The end users would have an android application on their tablet showing them all the equipment and the relevant certificates, helping them to make an informed decision.

The added equipment would be categorized into Type and region in which the user would also be able to search with serial number. There was also an email alerts requirement which would be sent out once a week preferably on Friday, advising regarding the equipment’s certification expiration within the next 30 days so that further actions could be taken. The client also required a master alert showing all offices sent to one address and individual office alerts showing the equipment just for that office which had certificates expiring.

The application must be available to use offline showing the data since the last sync. The users would manually sync the application when they have Wi-Fi or strong data signal. When equipment/certificates are updated, the changes would be reflected on the tablet.


After a thorough brainstorming, We came up with a radical mobile app solution which would not only cover the business requirement but would also provide high quality user experience. Our team created a highly interactive and user friendly front end for synchronizing data in offline and online with the application built in Phonegap framework using Angularjs, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. This mobile solutions aims to provide multi-edge mobile milestones to help our client stay at the forefront and increase their business value.

Inventory Management Solution Features


UK based client

Horas hombre invertidas

500+ Hours


Servidor back-end

Ruby On Rails Gem

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