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Portfolio / eHealthPro CMS

Project Description

Ehealth pro is a SAAS based health care application which is mainly used by hospitals, clinics and individual practitioners around the globe. DFH CMS is a web builder module of this SAAS application. There is a spree store which is linked to this SAAS application. Web builder module is a result of a concept of creating a customized website for the spree store front. The user can create a website for the store using available themes and colors. There are 4 themes from which the user can choose. The content can be edited using the mercury editor. The significant feature of this CMS is, the articles created by the store admin in the Ehealth pro can be shown in the application without re writing them. This was the reason mercury editor was used which has an advantage of using code snippets. These code snippets can be written and made available for the user to drag and drop them in the web page. This is how the articles were created in code snippets and made available for the user to show in website.


1. Choose themes.
2. Change the color scheme if required.
3. Add additional site map with the default ones.
4. Drag and Drop articles using code snippets.
5. Drag and Drop images from the system.
6. Link to external links/videos.
7. Upload documents and link to them.
8. Revert back to default page to restart from scratch.


The application is deployed on high availability and secure amazon servers and maintained using Nginx and passenger.

Duration of the project

2 months