How can Ruby on Rails benefit your web applications?

What are some of the major ingredients that spell success for an organization? Among other things, efficiency is one of the essential elements that can help an organization succeed in this fast-paced moving world. Everyone wants to maximize efficiency and your software development too should push you ahead instead of pulling you back. Ruby on Rails with its faster iteration and great utility puts it way ahead of other programming languages. Check out how Ruby on Rails can benefit your web application below

Pragmatic approach
Pragmatism is literally ingrained in the rails DNA with its ability to set numerous configuration parameters as framework defaults. This leaves zero scope for any unnecessary complications in the code, resulting in the production of extremely simple and elegant solutions. This inspires the Ruby on rails development community to also maintain this pragmatic mindset.

Rails language is so expressive in itself that any programmer with or without the rails experience, will understand it. It is almost like English language with only limited use of the DSL. A DSL always feels like a new language but rails strikes a good balance with its DSL, using it only sensibly and never overdoing its use. That’s why, to those who are new to Ruby, it seems pretty odd to realize that it doesn’t seem like a programming language. I think that any programmer, regardless of Rails experience, (and even some non-programmers) could understand this:

Klasse User < ActiveRecord::Base
devise :database_authenticatable, :registerable

validates_numericality_of :years_of_experience,
:allow_blank => true
acts_as_taggable_on :certificates, :expertise_kinds

validates_presence_of :first_name, :last_name, :email

has_many :translations

has_attached_file :avatar, :styles => {:small => “240×240>”}
has_attached_file :cv

In fact you must have realize that it’s just method calls without parentheses. Still, it is just smart naming and inherent usage of Ruby’s excellent syntax

Modular design:
Most of the programing languages have a modular design with libraries to let you add specific functionality to your software and Ruby/Rails are no exception to this. Ruby’s libraries are known as “gems”. These gems are useful in adding all kind of functionality to the web applications. Gems in programming languages are analogous to plugins in wordpress, however they offer a developer more ease in adding features as opposed to anything that the end user can add to it for direct use.

Automated Testing:
The rails community puts major emphasis on the testing of the code, which can be extended to great lengths and is good thing to be incorporated. This is because, with features complex enough that need to be broken down int
o their separate parts, each part needs to be tested as it is built to see if it is working as it should. Also, it needs to be made sure that we continue building on new functionality without having to temper with what was already functional.

Ruby on Rails is perfect for Web Technologies

  • Ruby on Rails is an ideal platform that fits perfectly with web technologies and certainly absolute for building web applications.
  • The process of programming is faster and easier with Ruby on Rails, partly because of the object-oriented nature of Ruby and partly because of the immense collection of open source code available within the Rails community.
  • It allows developers to move from planning to deployment very fast.
  • This technology is not only ideal for big companies but is also a perfect choice for small companies and start-ups as it allows you to break standards of template solutions with affecting your ROI.

It Saves Time and Money

  • Rails is useful for rapid application Development (RAD), as the system rolls out it simple to suit improvements, most of the developers agree that Ruby is handy.
  • Ruby on Rails is a technology that helps you save time and money – two golden words for any business!
    Rails framework is free and runs on Linux, which is also open-source and the majority of rails libraries are open source. It’s easy to work with from a developer’s perspective.

Helpful and Active Community

  • A capable development team is actually required though but with all the help from discussion forums and communities, one can truly progress with work pretty quickly.
  • Ruby on Rails makes it much easier and more fun. It includes everything you need to build great applications, and you can learn ruby on rails with the support of ruby community which is friendly.
  • It is actually an amazing framework with an active community around it. Just look at GitHub, and visit the trending repo’s there once in a while and you will see a Great Rails Thing there every week.
  • The developer community is continually improving code and supporting others for ROR projects. So, if there is any functionality that you want to achieve, you have a good possibility that someone else has already completed it and can help you with your issues

It’s perfect for ecommerce applications:

  • It is great for e-commerce websites as it has a lot of ecommerce ready frameworks available (Spree, RoR-e, Piggybak, Substruct, etc) for developing robust online stores.
  • User-friendly features and modular approaches to site development help online stores benefit from RoR.

Project not handcuffed to one developer or team:

  • You have a solid project built on the framework but after some years let say you decided to add some functionality or remove a certain one. The problem is developers which made the project have all left the company and no one knows about the code.
  • Ruby on Rails Web App Development, follows coding conventions, which means that even if the application was developed by one developer, another one can come and implement a new functionality easily.

Build Your Own Plugin and Play Apps

  • You can create your own building blocks get your plug-and-play apps running. It is much easier to get such apps up and running on Ruby on rails compared to any other technology on the market today.
  • You can take elements of your current custom application and use it in your other projects, instead of having to build the entire thing from scratch. Ruby on Rails allows your applications to be expandable and multi-purpose.

Best for Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Ruby on Rails has great content management systems which are easy-to-use, has convenient navigation, and you can easily upload images, content, and files.
  • Ruby on Rails built systems are great platforms for content organization, from revising, reviewing, to storing, and publishing as well as SEO.

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