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Lo mismo ocurre con la televisión

Project Description DittoTV is an online TV application consisting of many live TV channels of different regions which are available on subscription. The application also provides users with huge VoD content like movies, previous TV shows episodes of selected channels and large number of video clips on free sign up.The application is completely API based …

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Project Description The aim of the project is to build a cutting-edge integrative online platform that would offer marketing and business conversion Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for small to medium-sized businesses. The platform would serve to help these businesses drive revenue as well as manage their core operations. The application we proposed had two key groups of …

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Project Description The client approached Railscarma with the requirement to develop an application that would allow the end users to create and explore the 3D models for the objects anytime and anywhere at their convenience.Recognising the need of the end users for easy visualisation of their on-going projects in 3D, the client came up with …

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