Which project management method is the best for your RoR App Development?

Though we’ve witnessed several methodologies gaining widespread acceptance in the IT Industry in past few decades, it is crucial for businesses to decide on adopting the right methodology with the acceptable framework that helps to achieve their business vision.

With a strong team of domain experts working across wide-ranged technologies, on the project management front, it becomes easier for us to suggest the most efficient methodology suitable for your business needs. Once the choice of methodology is made, it helps our technical team to deliver projects of varying complexity levels in the most cost-effective ways.

Evolving Customer Expectations:

The way customer experiences pertaining to technology evolve now, are based on the last experiences they had. With this as a challenge for the IT industry, in the past few decades, Customer Success was supposed to mean ‘doing whatever would keep the customer happy’. However, the fact is that customer success is may just not be just about helping the customers get adapted to all the technologies since the technologies keep evolving, but it is meant to help the customers adopt the right technologies that are suitable to their business needs in the long-term and achieve the business goals such as build more capabilities, add more features, involve more users and increase the ROI.

Accomplishing this would not only benefit us with a short time-to-market for the product but also help it sustain in a competitive marketplace, continuously helping the customers refine the product further and help it stand out as the best-in-market.

We Make Difference:

We work as a partner with our customers not only to help them reach their business objective but also help them add more value to their offerings:

  • Technology & Engineering insights
  • Roadmap & suggestions to expand their business
  • Better delivery for their customers
  • Help them be more competitive in the marketplace
  • Help their business sustain in the market

Railscarma – Agile Transformation from Traditional Waterfall Technique:

Agile has introduced the new ways of looking at the things. The world of agile started with rapid application development, the transformation from traditional waterfall to agile or scrum.
We not only transformed our project management into Agile but helped our customers moving towards agile as well.

We did not only transform our project management into Agile but helped our customers make a move towards agile as well.

The simple difference is that the traditional waterfall will always have the scope defined first and the time and the budget gets estimated alongside. Usually, it gets crunched making it really hard to adopt the change during execution, as it would require one to completely re-plan the things all over. On the other hand, agile is slightly a reversal of this logic. The time, resources, the budget & the cost is projected first, and therefore, there is an opportunity to define the items that can be delivered within the duration set for the requirements & the scope will thus defined in the due course of time. One of the greatest advantages of delivering the projects in this manner, is that there are no disappointments on anyone’s part. This is mainly because, the customer & the business knows exactly what they would be getting at the end. So, the entire team can focus on the objective in a relaxed manner and meet the expectations without compromising on the quality.
We are extensively experienced in working with the metodología ágil , in a collaborated model where our teams can be either located in one place or in a global delivery model while working in collaboration with a global team on our side and/or the client side.

Using some of the strong key principles of Agile has helped us deliver the most complex of the projects:

1. Team Interaction over process & Procedures

Good face-to-face interactions with the individuals & communications make it much faster & easier to meet the end goals.

2. Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation

Instead of locking the customer in a cage by defining the exact details of the project before the start, collaborating with the customer and the team makes it more effective to ascertain the best solutions and meet the outcome as we progress.

The team collaborates directly with the customer with the focus on finding the best solution rather than spending time on finding the exact project details.

The team collaborates directly with the customer with the focus on finding the best solution rather than spending time on finding the exact project details.

3. Reacting to Change over plan

Nothing ever goes according to the plan as the technology and the market keeps on changing and our decisions take that into account. Agile gives the flexibility to absorb the market dynamics and make adjustments according to the changing situations.

4. Potentially releasable software over comprehensive Documentation

Traditional software development often produces extensive documentation much before the program is released for initial testing. However, agile recommends that it would be better to have the software than investing more time in documentation. This helps the software to be taken to the market as quickly as possible.

The advantaged we add

  • Customer-focused
  • Flexibility-centric
  • Retrospect Improvement
  • Transparencia
  • RAID Logs
  • Frequent Checkpoints
  • Adequate Reporting
  • RielesCarma  helps top startups and companies build remarkable web and mobile products we work according to agile methodologies to deliver the best results reducing the budget for development and its timeline.



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