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API Driven Development and Mashups

RailsCarma API Development

With strong expertise in Application Programming Interface (API) development services we have delivered a wide range of applications to clients around the globe. We have worked with over 25 clients from USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore.

API Driven Development and Mashups

As per the inherent mechanism, APIs serves as an interface between different programs and the server and reduces database hacks as only the API interacts with the database. APIs can also be utilized to consume data from multiple applications to produce management dashboards / mashups to enable quick decision-making. The true beauty of APIs is in the automation and low cost – apart from the initial build and occasional tweaks, APIs are usually a low maintenance affair. API Integration is easier and has reusable functionality with significant ease of use due to plain-text & XML-based messages.

RailsCarma API Development & Service Delivery Capabilities-

 ror_api_driven1Writing new API endpoints and documentation.

 ror_api_driven2Collaborating developed APIs to suite client requirements.

 ror_api_driven3Changing and evolving custom APIs based on the needs of clients.

 ror_api_driven4Maintenance and support of Existing APIs.


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