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Rails Development: Coding Conventions & Best Practices

What’s in a name A good name answers important questions. What does it contain? What does it mean? How would I use it? What  role  does  it  play? Always name your methods based on their behaviour, not implementation. Consider, By looking at the method name above, we...

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Faker Gem: Fake Data Generation in Ruby

Gems are libraries in Rails that generally enable you to write the application code faster and thereby making a great product in far lesser time. Usually, whenever we start developing any application, there comes a point when we need data which we can use to see how...

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7 things about Ruby on Rails that make it unique

With the world of IT constantly spawning new and innovative web development technologies, what makes Ruby on Rails still relevant and popular? The answer to this question majorly lies in all the efficiency Rails adds to a project, that leads to establishing...

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What’s new in Rails 5.1

For each one of us who’s been waiting for the release of the all-new and neat and clean version of Rails 5.1, the wait is over. The new version of Rails 5.1 easily accepts the SPA (Single Page Application) and it also represents a genuine upgradation in terms of...

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Tips for Rails Developers to ramp up the Development

If you are a startup particularly interested in rapid web development processes available cost-effectively or you are a developer who in interested in learning a developer-friendly technology, you must have heard about Ruby on Rails. It is an open source framework...

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Ruby vs Python, the Scripting Wizards

Ruby and Python, both are fast and powerful. Both languages are highly appreciated in the programming communities. What sets them apart, what makes a developer choose one over the other, is going to be our topic for the day! Let’s talk about the similarities first !...

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RailsCarma Blog in Feedspot Top 30 Ruby On Rails Blogs

RailsCarma’s blog has been selected as one of the Top 30 Ruby On Rails Blogs on the web by Feedspot, a San Francisco based company offering an RSS feed reader that is a popular replacement of the Google Reader. It is noteworthy that Feedspot has recently released...

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jQuery Image Resizing Plugin: ImgLiquid

ImgLiquid is a jQuery plugin for resizing the images so that these images can fit in the container. Features Optional Responsive (default settings are ‘off’). Lightweight: less than 2KBs gzipped Fill/Crop Align CallBacks Svg support Optional FadeIn Anim (default...

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How to use Ruby Logger in Rails ?

The Logger class, as the name suggests provides Logging functionality to jot down important points that you can use to output different kind of messages. The messages can be of different severities aka levels; LEVEL SUMMARY UNKNOWN Unknown messages are the unexpected...

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