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A Guide on Converting a Hash to a Struct in Ruby

Before we get deeper in to the conversion process, let us all first identify the difference between the two – the hash and the struct. This will let us help answer the question why some prefer using the struct than hash in Ruby. Differentiating Hash from Struct Hash...

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Tips to Hire Best Ruby on Rails Developers

The world has gone online and everyone is either trying to build websites, mobile apps, scale their existing websites or develop mission critical web apps, et al. In short, the web is a huge pie and everybody wants a piece of it, with all industries scrambling to get a piece out of this tempting pie by setting up online presence.

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Jenkins Setup for RSpec & Code Coverage

This article depicts the accomplishment of the objectives of the integration that impacts delivering software faster with no bugs, the issues confronted and the proposed upgrade to convey smooth and qualitative Software. The key goals hereby, are to develop confidence...

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Business Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Ever wondered why Twitter, Basecamp, Hulu, Groupon & LivingSocial use Ruby on Rails for their application? It kind of reassures you about the credibility and efficiency of a technology when such big names base their business applications on it. Ruby on Rails as the...

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Sidekiq Gem for background jobs in Rails

If you working with lots of records and if it is taking lot of time for its operation like importing or exporting thousands of records or syncing more records, it is better to add it to background job. Sidekiq is the gem that can be used for this purpose. Sidekiq uses...

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How to use belongs_to in Ruby on Rails

Rails 4: Let’s assume we have two models Movie and Actor. Actor has many movies and Movie belongs to Actor. In most of the cases, the developers used to validate the foreign key actor_id is present or not. In this case, it will not validate actor model as to whether...

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