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Integration of chatbot using Ruby on Rails

Definition of a Chatbot A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. Chatbots are...

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Salesforce API integration with Rails app

Salesforce is known to be a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and it provides cloud-based applications for Sales, Service & Marketing. This article intends to develop a clearer understanding on the Salesforce API and how you can sync data between...

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Airbrake for monitoring & detection of Errors

Airbrake is an Error Monitoring Software, which most of us developers welcome with open arms. It basically helps you deal with Production errors, by maintaining a log for the same, capturing the exact URL, number of occurrences, the culprit file which caused the...

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PagerDuty gives you an overall view of all your monitoring alarms and alerts in one place. Let’s have a look at the key attributes of this expedient plug-in: Serves as a Monitoring aggregation tool PagerDuty serves as an alarm aggregation and dispatching tool for the...

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Git is an open-source version control system and a command-line tool, it is used by programmers, developers, and designers to store projects and keep track of changes to their files. is the website where developers can store their projects. Some basic git...

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Rails Development: Coding Conventions & Best Practices

What’s in a name A good name answers important questions. What does it contain? What does it mean? How would I use it? What  role  does  it  play? Always name your methods based on their behaviour, not implementation. Consider, By looking at the method name above, we...

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Faker Gem: Fake Data Generation in Ruby

Gems are libraries in Rails that generally enable you to write the application code faster and thereby making a great product in far lesser time. Usually, whenever we start developing any application, there comes a point when we need data which we can use to see how...

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7 things about Ruby on Rails that make it unique

With the world of IT constantly spawning new and innovative web development technologies, what makes Ruby on Rails still relevant and popular? The answer to this question majorly lies in all the efficiency Rails adds to a project, that leads to establishing...

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What’s new in Rails 5.1

For each one of us who’s been waiting for the release of the all-new and neat and clean version of Rails 5.1, the wait is over. The new version of Rails 5.1 easily accepts the SPA (Single Page Application) and it also represents a genuine upgradation in terms of...

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