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6 Ruby On Rails Benefits That Make It Startup-Friendly

Ruby on Rails is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) based open-source code framework used for developing web applications. While there are several advanced software available for the purpose, since its release in 2004, Ruby on Rails has gained immense...

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Metamagic 101 – Introduction, Installation & Usage

Metamagic gem is a RoR plugin for creating and managing meta tags. It auto-generates the meta tags dynamically throughout and cuts down the need for writing it every time. In addition to the regular meta tags, metamagic also supports custom tags, OpenGraph (Facebook)...

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Urlify Functions & Its Implementation

URLify is a simple gem that refines the conversion of UTF-8 strings to ASCII-safe URI strings and enables it to be used as readable URL-segments. After the gem is installed, you can call the URLify function for any UTF-8 string and it will be automatically...

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Ruby Class Methods : Class and Instance Methods in Ruby

One of the most important aspects of writing the ruby classes is to understand the difference between the class methods and the instance methods & we’d like to cover this difference in this post of ours. First off, the method that resides at the class...

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A simple way to shorten Long URLS in RAILS

URL shortener solves the problem of sharing the long website URLs by shortening them into more portable size. As we know most of the websites use services like Twitter(Tweet character limit 140), SMS to reach out to their users and also at the time of...

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Preventing security issues in Rails

Security is a major concern for any developer aspiring for successful and sustainable development of web applications. Every developer wants to code in such a manner that their applications are as secure as possible from any attacks, however, no code can be 100%...

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Bundler : Managing Ruby application gems made easier!

Bundler is as new concept introduced in Rails 3, which helps us to manage our gems for the application. It is used to install and include the gems needed by the application. If the gem is available in the system bundle it will use that, otherwise it will...

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How to get started with ActiveRuby

Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that is pretty dynamic. Just because of its dynamic nature it has been being used in a wide range of fields, but it is best known for developing Web Applications, because of the Ruby on Rails framework....

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