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Why choose agile web development methodology?

When you develop your application using an advanced and user-friendly technology such as Ruby on Rails, it has been observed that agile methodology has several advantages over waterfall. As the trend goes, so far many organisations have showed reluctance in making the...

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Difference between Ruby and Ruby on Rails

At some point of time, when choosing the technology tools for your business application, you are faced with this question – “what is the difference between ‘Ruby’ and ‘Ruby on Rails’”. Let us try to get this sorted for you so you could make an informed...

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Preload, Eager Load, Includes and Joins in Ruby on Rails

Let’s take an example for understand the difference between them. One company has many employees, and one to many connection is there between company and employees. Preload: Preload loads the data in two queries. Includes also loads associate data in two queries in...

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Why to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers in 2019?

There comes a time for every start-up when it needs to make the choice of its technology right before building the product. For its many start-up friendly qualities, Ruby on Rails is chosen over and over by the start-ups world-wide. This is the reason why,...

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Tech-Stack Migration to Modern Framework

Tech-Stack Migration: Tech Stack migration from existing outdated framework to a modern framework requires a massive consideration on several key aspects like digital transformation, Cost Impacts, understanding the associated risks of your current...

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Hire Ruby On Rails Developers To Build A Successful App

Why are we talking exclusively about hiring Ruby on Rails developers you ask? Because some of the most popular mobile & web apps that you love were built on Ruby on Rails technology: Twitter, SoundCloud, Hulu, Airbnb, GitHub, Goodreads, Groupon, MyFitnessPal,...

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