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A confluence of two words, Development and Operations, the portmanteau, DevOps is a culture that puts development and IT operations in the same boat. This method improves IT service delivery with both teams working together for continuous development, testing, feedback and deployments. Organizations want to have a balance between conflicting concerns of swift releases and stable systems. DevOps is a philosophy to congregate these two conflicting priorities and achieve more synergy between groups and create an outstanding outcome. Employing this philosophy shifts our mind-set about our separate roles and responsibilities, provides a harmonious in-team connection and makes the end-result more worthwhile.

With 17 years of industry presence across multiple verticals, RailsCarma is well-positioned to offer customized Agile Application Development Solutions to all our customers. Do get in touch with us to learn more.

DevOps Workflow

DevOps workflow


RailsCarma offers you various DevOps service through its InstaEdge program to help you kick-start your DevOps journey. With our extensive industry experience, we have bespoke solutions for our clients. Join us and experience the allure of DevOps, first-han