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Cloud Hosting and Migration

If your company is looking to achieve better performance without adding any extra cost, you can opt for Ruby on Rails cloud hosting services from RailsCarma. Our Ruby on Rails cloud hosting services ensures better security, convenience and far better results at lower costs. You can have access to scalable cloud infrastructure having multiple servers with unlimited processing power in multiple data centers using dedicated and cloud servers, through automation.

Railscarma’s Ruby on Rails cloud hosting services are highly beneficial for our clients as –


  • The technology is highly scalable (load balancing, hardware software upgrades etc).
  • Website expansion can be done with minimum limitations.
  • Server crashes are minimized to zero.

Why Us?

The purpose of RailsCarma is to serve and support businesses. Any significant technology migration plan should start with a clear definition of why your company as a whole will be better off as a result of moving a given service or application to the cloud. Some of the carefully thought out justifications we can provide are



24 x 7 Support

  • Increased scalability/High availability
  • Improved disaster recovery/Business agility
  • Infrastructure and staff cost savings

Migration to Cloud Made Easy

Cloud web hosting and migration services present substantial opportunities for organizations to reduce costs and improve services. Our Ruby on Rails cloud web application hosting and migration team, can provide full planning, support and technical implementation for when you want to migrate to a cloud service provider environment or between cloud service providers or host your application on the cloud.


We’ll help you

  • Identify what to safely move to the cloud.
  • Reduce risk when moving to the cloud.
  • Save time and money
  • Simplify IT services and infrastructure.

How We Work

All cloud web hosting and migration projects are carefully handled by our experienced engineers and delivered to comprehensive Service Level Agreements. Customers benefit from our experienced and well-resourced project management and technical delivery teams to ensure the successful migration of legacy systems to cloud services as well as from our Ruby on Rails cloud web application hosting team for successful deployment of applications to cloud. We can migrate databases and applications to Cloud hosting environments. Many organizations are choosing to move these kinds of services to Ruby on Rails cloud hosting environments now in order to benefit from reduced costs and increased flexibility / scalability. Migrating live services is a specialist task that requires careful planning and execution in order to avoid unplanned downtime or lost data. The other cloud web hosting and migration services we offer are


  • Migrating application from one cloud to another cloud.
  • Suggest best cloud architecture for your SAAS/PAAS/IAAS apps.
  • Maintain and scale your cloud apps.
  • Fully scaled cloud development and deployment service.

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