Rails Upgrade Service

Boost Up The Security Of Rails App With Ruby on Rails Upgrade Service

With every new release of rails application, it increases the chances of being susceptible to incompatibility, unexpected bugs, and security vulnerabilities in your existing Rails application. Outdated Ruby on Rails application can cause technical debt, leave you vulnerable, hinder development and slow down your website speed.

Ruby is a dynamic language and Rails are a fast-moving framework. Regular releases bring new functionality, further bug-fixes, external security patches and remove legacy code. Staying current on your framework allows your team to leverage updated features, modern best practice and help your team gain speed and efficiency

Benefits Of 6.0.x Version

Apart from the long list of its new and expedient features including the Action Table, the new command router, faster development mode, Test runner and so on, v6 brings numerous benefits for your Rails Application. Also, version 6.2 has Content Security Policies (CSP) built into Rails. From the point of view of efficiency, performance and the memory usage of the application, the Rails Community has been quite focused at bringing about major improvements. So with your Ruby on Rails application upgraded to its latest version, your team can get better equipped to extract more value out of the server resources of your organization.