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Do you have a web application on Ruby on Rails? or do you want to get new Ruby on Rails application done? Well you have landed at the right place!

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Here at RailsCarma, we have been developing and hosting Ruby on Rails applications since 2006 and with our strong team specialized in Ruby on Rails, we can help you improve your existing web application on Ruby on Rails or help you find the right solution for you.
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We Have Got You Covered




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Our Experienced Ruby on Rails Consulting Team Can Help You

Ruby on Rails Consulting

Find the right solutions to promote and accelerate your business by designing dynamic, secure and profitable websites and mobile apps solutions for your business.Read More about custom development using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Consulting 2

Expand your existing Ruby on Rails Web solutions by implementing new features, modules all the while ensuring that the applications are stable and fast.

Ruby on Rails Consulting 1

Identify the issues with your existing Ruby on Rails web solutions to make your existing RoR application robust, bug-free and scalable

Ruby on Rails Consulting 3

Upgrade your existing Ruby on Rails Web applications to the latest cutting-edge versions of Ruby on Rails for better performance. Read More about the latest upgrades

We use the right methodology to ensure ruby on rails project success.

We use agile methodology which ensures once you have an idea, we can quickly implement and provide you with a shippable product in the most cost-effective way. With our customized agile processes, we ensure rapid delivery of high-quality Ruby on Rails Web solutions and a business approach that can adapt and align development with the rapidly changing needs of your clients and your company goals. For your upgrades of your current Ruby on Rails applications to the latest Ruby and Rails versions, we ensure that legacy codes are properly refactored using agile techniques.

We use the right technology and techniques suited for your specific solution

Our Ruby on Rails experts apply cutting edge Ruby on Rails techniques to the design, development, testing and cloud deployment of your Software as a Service (SaaS) web solutions. Our team uses modern features of Ruby on Rails to improve productivity and code maintainability through such techniques like Behavior Driven Design and Test-Driven Development. This ensures your web solution can be easily maintained and updated as and when needed. Our front-end Team will help you come up with the best UI/UX DESIGNs for your Ruby and Rails Websites. Our Ruby on Rails consulting will help you leverage on the web robustness and security expertise of our Ruby and Rails team, to help you build the right solutions for your business.

We can implement integrations with various systems

RailsCarma can provide API integrations to social networks, geo services, email marketing services, and business tools. We also use Rails APIs and Amazon Web APIs. Read more about Ruby and Rails API Development by our team.

We can host and migrate your web application on cloud

With specialized Amazon Devops team, RailsCarma can provide cloud hosting services for your Ruby and Rails web solutions while ensuring better security, convenience at lower costs.

We monitor your web applications 24/7

With RailsCarma, you can sleep peacefully while our team takes care of your business. Indeed, with our 24/7 IT Infra Solutions, we help your business run smoothly.

For example, we use, which can monitor your web application round the clock. Our team remains on stand-by for any alerts from such monitoring tools. Read More about our development combined with operations services. RailsCarma provides you with 24/7 Help Desk support on the Ruby on Rails Web Applications, through an Online Ticketing System. We have a ticketing system in place for immediate support for any issues on the systems. We fix any issues within a specific time frame, thus ensuring excellent SLAs.

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