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Productivity and performance – these are two mainstays of success for any organization. The world is spinning faster than ever with business market becoming more and more brutally competitive, to survive and flourish in this business jungle, your organization must remain proficient in innovation. However, if innovation has this potential, what stops businesses from using it to power their organization’s success? The answer lies in the overwhelming challenge of managing existing IT infrastructure consisting of complicated sets of heterogeneous components. So what can be used to turn IT challenges into successful innovation? With RailsCarma’s SaaS (Software as a Services) Application Development on RoR, you benefit from a complete range of business applications, expertise-rich solutions, lowered IT costs and improved flexibility.

What SaaS ?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud based software application delivery model of one application to many users over the internet on a subscription basis. Also referred to as on-demand software, it allows activities to be hosted from a central location.

Our SaaS Services

We are SaaS based product development company with experience in building industry leading Software-as-a-Service applications. Our SaaS services include the following:

SaaS Application Development

We have long experience in domain which enables us to help startups plan and deploy their SaaS application strategy effectively.

App Design & Development

We are an end-to-end SaaS solution provider converting your ideas into robust and expandable Software-as-a-Service applications.

Mobile SaaS Development

We can bring your SaaS solution to Mobile platform. We are experts in all native and hybrid mobile application platforms.

3-rd Party Integration Service

From developing custom APIs and linking external data sources to adding payment gateways, all third-party integrations are done.

On-Demand SaaS Service

SAAS app owners need the power of the cloud backing to deliver on-demand service, from deploying to managing the apps on the cloud.

Multi-Tenant Saas Architecture

We help technology vendors with optimal resource sharing by planning and implementing multi-tenant management tools.

Why SaaS Application Development

Apart from being reliability and security, SaaS application development as well as ensures:
SaaS App Developemt

Cloud Make Your SaaS Truly On-Demand

The use of cloud computing gives SaaS solutions a handful of benefits:

Cost efficiency

There’s no need to buy and maintain expensive hardware, and you only pay for the resources your app uses.


If your requirements increase, you can upgrade your plan in a few clicks. Downgrades are also possible.


A cloud is a network of servers that can be located around the world. Even if one server goes down, your app will remain online.


Cloud service providers pay close attention to security to ensure your data is stored in a safe place.

We Have Got You Covered




Support &

We Have Got You Covered




Support &

SaaS Development Process

Our SaaS development process covers consultancy, planning, designing, development, testing, 3rd party integration, and ongoing support and maintenance.
saas development process

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We are the top SaaS application development company with hands-on experience in creating top-performing rebost applications.

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