Healthcare SaaS Application

Business Requirement

The client is a health care company based out of US that offers an extensive line of nutritional products and diet supplements on referral basis. They are also into research and education in this field, and to leverage their extensive experience and network in HealthCare industry they decided to build and offer a practice management system for clinics and hospitals. The application was created with this intention in mind as a SaaS based patient management system for clinics and hospitals. The application was built to be offered to hospitals/clinics as a practice management solution. The architecture was done on a HIPPAA compliant SaaS based model, with a HA and clustered private cloud setup for deployment of the app. Product expertise in Cloud and its technological initiative was what paved the way for Designs for Health to award the project to client.


The system was built with 3 different functional modules in mind

1. Clinic Portal  – for hospitals to aid end-to-end management of their daily operations including management of their staff and their patients. The clinic module consisted of the below sections.

2. Patient Portal  – acts as a self service portal for patients to see their medical history, medical reports and manage their appointments. The patient portal has features like

3. Admin Portal  – is the SaaS back end for the management to control and automate the application. Its features consists of


Health Care Company

Man Hours Spent

10000+ Hours


Client details are protected under strict NDA and, therefore we do not disclose such information. However, we can provide references once you make an enquiry.

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