Ruby IDE: The Best IDEs for Ruby on Rails Development

The most amazing and super functional web development framework – Ruby on rails (Ruby programming language). The Ruby on Rails IDE is based on the MVC framework, wherein it encourages the user to use different web standards, and this will have a default structure for a web service, a database, and the web pages on the website.

Explore the best ideas for RUBY ON RAILS web framework!

The reason: For software development, IDE (Integrated Development Environment) offers the best comprehensive facilities to the developers wherein it comes with three parts – the source editor, build automation tool, and the debugger.

Uses of Ruby on Rails IDE:

The main use case of Ruby on Rails IDE is that the programmer can easily navigate through the type of code without the assistance of the project with Ruby on Rails IDE. Also, if any error pops up then it will give away the warnings. Hyperlinks can be used by the developers to easily navigate through the members using an IDE.

These IDEs improve productivity by lessening setup time, boosting the speed of development tasks, keeping developers up to date with the latest best practices and threats, and standardizing the development process so that everyone can get on board.

RailsCarma brings you the top 5 best IDEs for Ruby on Rails development and we also serve as the leading Rails development with the best developers in India.

We are not USING technology; we LIVE  technology!

We have gathered some data on the top 5 IDEs and editors used for the ruby programming and you can make use of this to check out the best Ruby IDE out in the market.

1.     RubyMine – The commercial version which is the best IDE for Ruby:

The RubyMine is one of the best frameworks which works best with the major platforms like Ruby 2.4 and Rails 5, Puppet, Angular JS, Ruby motion, react and many more.

How it helps in the front end technology?

This provides a seamless support to many of the front end technologies like JavaScript, ERB, HAML, SASS, less, HTML5, coffee script, typescript, and many more. This is a fully featured IDE developed by Jet brains, which is a corporation that makes developer tools for leading developers in India. The RoR specific features brings project structure views, quick model view controller navigation options, rails specific code completion, intention actions, and automated refactoring.

In the ruby interpreter, we need to install rails gem from the new project wizard. Once it is created, we need to embed this into the RubyMine terminal emulator. The installation of database tools starts and rail includes ORM techniques. The JavaScript modules include web packer, asset pipeline, node.js, yarn and you can also use remote development using the WSL, vagrant box etc.

2.     Aptana Studio – The RadRails that is  best in class for Ruby Rails

Aptana Studio is developed by the company ‘Appcelerator’ and is an open source platform which is used for available for free. This is also considered to be one of the best IDE for Rails that will support the development of database-driven web apps.

Aptana studio will support Ruby on Rails development using RadRails and these acts as an open source plugin for the RoR framework. Aptana RadRails combines the visual IDE for rails development with the integrated rails shell command line console. The RadRails 1.0 features IDE capabilities are included into Aptana and eclipse. The AJAX library supports the productivity gains and Aptana is also a routing jaxer which gives access to database, files and networking.

3.     Atom – Highly configurable text editor

Heard about GITHUB? For all those who use GitHub, this is a free to use platform for both personal and commercial uses. This is supported on windows, Ubuntu which is a Debian Linux, fedora 22+, mac, and RedHat Linux. By using various plugins you can easily turn Atom to a complete ruby editor that can be used for windows and mac – and is HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE!

Atom for ruby development will improve the productivity to a large extent and this includes many plugins or packages that can be installed from the editor’s interface itself. For this you must have a docker installed and this goes with the implementation of the language server protocol for ruby on atom. Atom is under the license of MIT and all the functionality of the package comes from ruby_language_server.

4.     Cloud 9 – The best ruby IDE for cloud

Cloud9 will offer development environment for all the programming languages including Ruby. This is also one of the best hosted development environment of Ruby on Rails in cloud9 and you almost get all the features like file manager, text editor, preview, UNIX shell, chatting for  team collaboration and many more. The AWS cloud 9 contains some tools that will run on a rails server and you can preview those applications in a browser.

In order to start with the ruby on rails application development with cloud 9, you are required to do some configurations of AWS account and the cloud9 setting. You need to set up the AWS SDK for ruby in your environment using the installation command. While creating your first rails application, you need to install yarn and webpacker by entering into the rails directory first.

5.     MVSC – Visual studio code for ruby development

Yes, Visual studio code! You can install the extension vscode-ruby that will provide the full ruby language support for debugging. You can utilize the options like autocomplete, Rspec, and cucumber for performing unit testing, and debugging.


MVSC utilizes robocop for formatting, rcodetools for performing autocomplete functions and other ruby gems which includes ruby-tint, reek, fasterer and the debride.

RailsCarma is one of the best web app development company for Ruby on Rails, and here we present you with the top 5 IDEs for working on Rails Apps. Ruby is a universal programming language which can be compared with python for easier understanding and readability.

A good code is as easy to read as it is to write and a good IDE helps ensure that. And Code is going to play a major role in defining our FUTURE in this digital era” 

Try out some  new stuff and make it count in your daily life!

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