5 Best Ruby on Rails Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems : 

If content is king then content management system should be considered kingmaker. Content is the mainstay of all things Internet. Think of a scenario where a content has to go out immediately and your tech team is not reachable. Without HTML or technical knowledge, you won’t be able to post it on your website. Content Management System or CMS is a tool to create, edit, and store content in a convenient way enabling even non-technical user to add new information, products and services with speed and ease. Content Management System is also a great platform for content organization, from drafting, revising, reviewing, approvals and publishing. With CMS, users can neatly divided into roles from authors, editors and publishers, and SEO editors. Since the quest for new information for a search engine is incessant, they favour websites which are regularly updated. With Content Management System, many people can simultaneously work and add content to the website. Updated content translate to better search engine results which means better traffic and improved return on investment.
  • Radiant CMS :
An open source content management system, Radiant is a Ruby on Rails built system designed for SMEs. It is a no-frills CMS to manage web pages. With minimal admin interface and only three components – Pages, Snippets, and Layouts. The CMS is not feature rich and it doesn’t have complicated themes, access controls and checkboxes.  Radiant CMS can manage pages and styles, and upload files. Pages can be created using plain HTML, Textile or Markdown, among others and hierarchy can be given to pages such that children pages come under parent pages. If certain parts of the content needs to be used several times, it could be saved as ‘Snippets’ to save time and efforts. The Design section of the Radiant CMS can be used to organize the complete look and feel of a website, harnessing the four parts of this elements from Layouts, Snippets, Stylesheets and Javascripts. Radiant CMS also supports custom text filters and page caching and there are various native language packs available from English, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, French and Japanese.
  • Camaleon CMS :
Camaleon-cms is an advanced and dynamic semantic personal publishing CMS built on Ruby on Rails. Allowing to manage a website from anyplace with just an internet connection, Camaleon CMS is modular, cost-effective and scalable. Camaleon-cms is a feature-packed, established and well-coded powerful platform focused on aesthetics, web standards and usability. To read more on this cms, visit our Cameleon CMS Article.
  • Slate CMS :
Slate is a CMS built on Ruby on Rails and focuses on rapid development of traditional style websites produced by WVU Web Services. It has a multi-site support and has four system defined roles for limiting user access with MasterID integration. Slate content management system can supply custom ‘permalinks’ when creating pages for shorter URLs. It provides the drag-and-drop facility to users while breaking the pages into editable regions. This amazing CMS, has the ability to browse site in edit view
  • Locomotive CMS :
Locomotive CMS is built to focus on front-end technology, standard development process and quick learning for non-tech users. This CMS lets your tech team work locally like any other web project and they can deploy the site any time and keep the track of codes. This CMS is very user friendly for non-technical users too as the content can be edited directly underline with just a switch to editing mode. It is even user friendly for designer as the designs can be edited and changed easily.
  • Refinery CMS :
Refinery CMS, commonly called as Refinery is Ruby on Rails based content management system written in Ruby web application and JQuery as JavaScript library. Refinery sticks to ‘Rails way’ wherever possible and is a perfect platform to create content manageable websites. It provides total control over the layout and design.  It is very simple and easy to use and can take even as less as ten minutes to get the CMS up and running. With sleek and simple user interface, Refinery CMS has a beautiful UI which is updated regularly and deliver intuitive experience for the users.  An active community of Refinery helps to get frequent updates and support. Available in over 30 languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Refinery allows a user to quickly create and run a CMS. With ingenious solutions, progressive business values, and proven track record, RailsCarma is best suited to help you with all your development needs. Our development process is established heavily on unrelenting attention to details, including quality, design and excellence. We convert your ideas into reality. Connect to us through our Contact Us page. Read Similar Articles : Get in touch with us.

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