App: Native, Web or Hybrid?

The mobile world is a world in constant evolution, both for the exponential spread of smartphones and tablets, and because this new way of communicating has demanded the introduction of a new type of Marketing: Mobile Marketing.To reach customers (existing or potential that may be) now one of the most effective and direct method is the creation of app.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter have already released their own versions of the APP in HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries encapsulated within native applications for iOS and Android. In this article we will try to analyze the three types of apps and find the differences-


NATIVE app is a Mobile App Development with proprietary code and library, which can be free or paid and installed on smartphones and tablets via the Store (Apple Store for Mac devices, for those Android Marketplace, for example).

The main advantage of this type of app is the ability to interact with almost all the features of our device (such as contacts, messages, notifications, location), to be published on the Store also giving you the chance to get into the program promoted by the Vendor.


These are normal web apps that allow you to simulate the appearance of the interfaces of native apps, thus creating the concept of web-based app or Webapp.

By their nature, these applications bring with them limitations, since they can’t interact with the hardware and software of the device. In addition, because of their uncontrollable nature (web content may change) they can’t be published in the Store and then do not take advantage of the enormous visibility that is offered by the digital market.


And for those who want to create an app which is not native, but available, for example on the Store?

The solution is the Hybrid app: the missing link between the two types of apps described above.

The Hybrid app allows you to build NATIVE APP with management tools and interfaces. This allows a multi-platform approach, making it an easy replication of same app for different devices. Hybrid apps incorporates within itself all the positive aspects of the other two type of apps.

This guide will tell you of the best programs for creating games that I know and that I’ve tried in the past (yes, I was set there in the past). Unfortunately most are not free, but in their official website, you can also download a trial, or a trial version before you buy the program.

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