Busting Ruby on Rails Myths

Even though Ruby on Rails is a very popular framework for programming, there are a lot of myths shrouding the framework because of which some businesses deprive themselves of this amazing web development framework. Although usually myths do have some grain of truth to them, these myths listed about Ruby on Rails couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ruby on Rails is an amazing framework developed in high level programming language called as Ruby and offers a perfect balance between simplicity and performance. In fact, Ruby on Rails is probably one of the most productive ways to build an application.Here we are Busting Ruby on Rails Myths

Rails is Slow!

It is not the truth! Instead Ruby on Rails speeds up the development process. Ruby on Rails comes with built-in tasks such as file structures, database, configure files, and an established communication between the codes. In many other web development technologies, you will not find such tasks and you would have to spend considerable time on setting up these tasks. Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, is extremely automated. With the help of an experienced developer you would rarely find the requirement to change default values. In RoR, a single command can run the test codes, as it has in-built automated testing. Automated testing saves a lot of time by checking the project in considerably less time and making the working prototypes up. You don’t need to spend too much time on manual testing, either.

Ruby on Rails is Costly

People usually hear from others that RoR is costly when compared to other development applications. This myth takes a shape as relatively less number of people have higher level of efficiency to provide proper Ruby on Rails development. But, there are a lot of different Ruby on Rails development service providers ranging from good to bad and the key lies in finding a perfect match. If you can find an experienced RoR developer or a team then you can achieve quality development in lesser time and at lesser cost It is obvious that when time and labour is less, than the pricing too automatically goes down. It’s better to discuss your project requirements with more than two or three RoR development service providers, understand how long they have been in the market, check testimonials and then decide on the best Ruby on Rails development providers. Check out our blog on 7 Points To Remember While Hiring Ruby on Rails Development Company to learn more on how to hire Ruby on Rails development company.

Non-Scalable Development

Another myth is that development in Ruby no Rails is non-scalable. When you understand Ruby on Rails in the way it should be then you will understand that it’s a myth. With Ruby on Rails, you can build an application with isolated services, but you should know how to properly use Ruby on Rails. If the developer has a good knowledge of applying the required codes perfectly then RoR can independently handle services like security, load balance and scalability. Not only database, RoR shares and applies application as well. While Ruby on Rails may have some shortcomings, for the most parts, it is one of the most productive ways to create an application, providing the optimum balance of performance and simplicity. Looking to get your app developed? RailsCarma can help! Check out our portfolio to understand how we are helping to change the shape of software industry by providing Ruby on Rails Developer. Get in touch with us now!

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