Why Choose ruby-on-rails for web development

Why choose ruby on rails for your web and mobile application development in 2018?

In the changing technological landscape, it can be a challenge to predict as to how long will the current trends last. So, the big question is that with the advent of new technologies, whether Rails will continue to remain relevant for full-stack web application development in 2018 and beyond. From our perspective, there is no doubt about it. Here are some of the reasons why we think Ruby on Rails is all the more relevant for your upcoming website project:

  • Because it has now earned the status of a proven and matured technology that has been around for an entire decade.
  • Because by now, we know that it is more than just an overrated JS framework that might go obsolete in the next some time.
  • Because the Rails community is super-active, collaborative & vibrant.
  • Because Ruby is still one of the most beautiful and elegant of all programming languages and Ruby on Rails is written in this language meant for programmers’ convenience and delight.
  • Last but not the least, because the best part about using this framework is that it allows you to easily develop a prototype of your idea in a rather short span of time.

To explain this further, here’s what the industry experts opine about the current scenario:

We have been witnessing divergence between front end development and back-end development of late; wherein the traditional practices of full-stack single app development are losing relevance.

In the times like these, when the client side JavaScript frameworks, microservices and dedicated mobile apps have become popular, we are getting accustomed to adding API or Gateways to the backend web development framework chosen, for it to make the base for the front end app, web or mobile. And in this case, the backend framework can be that of any of Rails, phoenix, elixir or node where, among the hot new frameworks, Rails has still maintained its relevance with its expedient apis.

However, when you operate as a small team specializing at ruby on rails and need to develop a product from end-to-end with the process involving its development, maintenance and iteration, it makes perfect sense to work with single full-stack framework of Ruby on Rails. Rails APIs present you with the best solutions in this case. With your team growing bigger in the future, however, you may require to have a back-end distinguished from the front end in order to boost the app’s performance. This implies that 2018 will very much continue to be the year of Ruby on Rails despite the advent of newer and hotter technologies.

All it’s going to boil down to is to use the stack best-suited to the job you need to perform – as the saying goes. RoR is still going to continue to evolve and for many people, it is going to be their choice of framework for full-stack application development.

RailsCarma has been working on Ruby on Rails framework from its nascent stage and has handled over 250 RoR projects. With a team of over 100+ RoR developers well-versed with latest techniques and tools, RailsCarma is well suited to help you with all your development needs.

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