How To Import/Export MySQL Database in Rails?

Here’s How you can Import and Export MySQL Database

– To Export DB mysqldump -u [username] -p [db_name] > [sql_file_name.sql] Make its tar(compress) for easily share with other system: tar -czvf [any_name.tar.gz] [sql_file_name.sql]   Share it to the other system where you want to import it. – Untar the compressed file:tar -xzf [any_name.tar.gz] – To Import database mysql -u [username] -p [db_name] < [sql_file_name.sql] Thanks! Whether you are up for developing a small or large application, you need to be sure of the development process should takes place smoothly and seamlessly all the while having clear and organized codes. Even for experienced developers, it is not possible to carry out development in the best possible manner on their own. This is such situations that the tools has been there for it which will help you fasten up the process of coding in the most organized manner. So, if you are into Ruby on Rails development, then let us know about your Ruby on Rails Development requirement and let our experts flawlessly translate your business needs into technical specifications.

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