How to work with Rails-based e-commerce platform, Shoppe

Shoppe is a Rails-based ecommerce platform. By virtue of it, we can easily introduce a catalogue-based store into our Rails applications.
We can easily create store with this core framework, Shoppe. And we are only responsible for creating the storefront (UI) which our customers will use to buy products. Apart from UI, we are also responsible for integrating with whatever payment gateway takes our fancy.

Some interesting facts about Shoppe:

  • Provides an eye-catching & easy to use admin interface with authentication
  • Provides interface for product/catalogue management
  • Provides section for stock control
  • Provides tax management interface.
  • Provides flexible & customisable order flow
  • Provides other delivery/shipping control, management & weight-based calculation

The simple way to get up and running with Shoppe in a new Rails application is to follow the instructions below and you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Gem Installation:

gem 'shoppe', '~> 1.1', '>= 1.1.2'

Sample app with Shoppe:

rails new sample_store
cd sample_store
echo "gem 'shoppe'" >> Gemfile
rails generate shoppe:setup
rails generate nifty:key_value_store:migration
rake db:migrate shoppe:setup
rails s

Other Rails e-commerce plaform:

Spree –
RoR eCommerce:
Radiant Shop:


Shoppe Sample:

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