Top 7 Ruby Gems for Total Beginners

Ruby on Rails is bright, buzzy, hip and shining with an ever growing fan following enough to put a wannabe celebrity to shame. To go live, all what is required are web server and database. And of course, some gems ( top 7 ruby gems )! One of the best part about Ruby is the huge list of categorized, reusable codes suitably termed as “gems”. The beauty of Ruby on Rails lies in the fact that with the help of these gems, you can create applications easily and with considerably less efforts as compared to other technologies. With the web littered with an assortment of Ruby gems all vying for your attention, claiming to be the magic bullet, it can be difficult and overwhelming to pick and choose the right ones. It is very important to choose the right gems, as being stuck with not-so-good ones can really spell disaster for your application. Go through the list of Ruby gems provided below and see your business soar!
  • Cancan
CanCan is one of the best Ruby on Rails gems out there! It is an authorization library restricting the resources a given user is allowed to access. Permissions are defined at a single location (the Ability class) and not duplicated. Know more about cancan gem here.
  • Devise
Based on Warden, Devise is a flexible authentication Rack based MVC solution for Rails. Based on a modularity concept, you can use only what you really require. It also allows you to have multiple models signed at the same time. Check out about devise gem in more details.
  • OmniAuth
OmniAuth is a library standardizing multi-provider authentication for web applications. Developers can easily create strategies for OmniAuth which would authenticate users through disparate systems. Check more about omniauth.
  • Twitter-bootstrap-rails
A toolkit from Twitter, bootstrap is designed to start the development of webapps and websites, including base CSS and HTML for forms, tables, buttons, navigation, typography and much more! Check out more about twitter-bootstrap-rails.
  • Will_paginate
will_paginate is a pagination library integrating with Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Merb, DataMapper and Sequel and Displaying Page Links and querying records can be automated using this gem. Know more about will_paginate gem!
  • Nokogiri
Nokogiri is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser. The most common use for a parser like Nokogiri is to extract data from structured documents. Know more about nokogiri gem!
  • Resque
Resque creates background jobs using Redis, putting different jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later. Know more about resque gem! RailsCarma has been implementing Ruby on Rails from its nascent stages for development, training, deploying and contributing back to the Rails Community. Through trusted technical expertise and consummate customer service combined to deliver a delightful experience for clients, RailsCarma provide end to end Ruby on Rails consulting, architecture, building, management and extension to companies around the globe. Contact us to know more.

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