What makes Start-Ups so Excited about Ruby on Rails?

One of the hottest technical trends in 2016, Ruby on rails has turned out to be an ideal web application framework. This can be attributed to its user-friendliness, flexibility, efficient content management, speedy web process and customization. Not to forget, its low cost advantage since it is freely available. No wonder why the majority of enquiries to the Ruby on Rails Development companies come from start-up founders, small entities and seeding ventures. As a matter of fact, many start-ups, including the likes of Airbnb, Kickstarter and Groupon, look up to this framework for building their fully functional web applications starting from the scratch. This framework does not only allow fast and effective development of the application but it also enables hassle-free deployment of large scale websites. This has resulted in an estimated number of over 1 million websites, running on RoR as at the start of 2016. Let’s dig deeper into what makes the start-up ventures so excited about this framework: 1) Ease of Design – As opposed to the conservative software practices such as using Java and .NET, the use of Ruby on Rails enables rapid web development. 2) Continuous Evolution – Like the start-up founders, the RoR developers are also constantly evolving their tools and skill-set. This culminates into a cultural fit between start-up organizations and Ruby on Rails development companies. 3) Suitability for Building on an Initial Idea – The availability of numerous gems (equivalent to plugins for solving specific problems) makes this framework particularly well-suited for the deployment of the initial idea a start-up has. The use of these gems is well supported by the highly active Ruby on Rails community. 4) Highly Active Community – The community of Ruby of Rails developers and enthusiasts is highly active and committed towards the evolution of this language. This builds a support system around the start-up firm opting to use this framework for their web application. 5) Interactive Environment – This framework is perfect for the website applications that require building a CRM, an ecommerce portal or a CMS. It is well-suited for the applications that need to input, store and manage a lot of content. 6) High Adaptability – With a huge stack of open source code, the Ruby on Rails framework makes the move to another project or company, far easier for a start-up, as opposed to the other frameworks, where it necessitates their developer to learn another programming language. Therefore, we can say that Ruby on Rails was conceptualized by a community of people with an entrepreneurial bend of mind and is therefore, bound to be an attractive option of framework for start-up ventures.

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