Why is Rails Preferred among Start-ups?

Efficiency is one of the most essential keywords for a successful organization. Fueled by speed, a business wants to maximize efficiency and have a faster ‘go-to’ market, but may get bogged down by the software development. Having an idea in today’s world is not enough. In fact, it is as much about the execution aspects as much as it is about the idea. After all, what idea may be cutting-edge today, may not even be relevant tomorrow. No wonder, speed is one of the most sought-after elements for application development. Especially when it comes to start-ups, time is a rare commodity. When you have got bills to pay, business to run and make an impact, it is hardly fair to wait endlessly for your application to be built. This is the reason why rails is preferred among start-ups.
Well, if you are a company looking to build an application with a fast deployment, Ruby on Rails is a great choice as it combines both speed and efficiency in one package.

Check out why is rails preferred among start-ups!

The Framework is Mature

Ruby has the distinct advantage of being built on solid foundations – it’s much easier to get a high-end product online quickly and efficiently. Not only that, it beats PHP in its capability to support maintainable solutions that are built on solid code.


The main concern is Minimal Viable Product or MVP concept. MVP concept brings efficiency to the process. Businesses shouldn’t have to invest too much time, efforts, money on developing any products. It reduces the rework and creates relationships with your customers fast.

Agile Methodology

An approach that’s perfect for ever changing web-apps with new additions or features. Agile methodology brings the client and development teams closer with continuous review and feedback. Releasing products in iterations has numerous advantages, and rails community agrees with it.

Made for web

Rails framework solves common web problems with built-in tool set, and ever growing plugins that gives added functionality.

Awesome Community

With open-source stack, the community support on web like StackOverflow, Github, linkedIn, channels, etc. is been over-whelming active, in terms of contributions to language and framework as well.

Faster Development

An elegant language, flexible syntax, readymade modules for authorization, authentication and with a list of options to choose, helps developer to build things quicker.


Automated Testing Tool, which makes sure that existing functionality doesn’t break when new features are built on top of it. Makes sure that applications are shipped without bugs.

CMS / E-Commerce

Ruby on Rails has a lot of solid CMSs on offer and many e-commerce platforms can easily be integrated in Ruby on Rails.


Pragmatism is probably Ruby on Rails philosophy. Pragmatic way of doing things is knitted into Rails community and principles like DRY, Convention over Configuration have made rails developers to not repeat things often making the coding faster and easier to understand.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Automation infrastructure is necessary to scale as your project as team grows. Rails has rich support for it in addition with sanity checks and vulnerabilities in application and provides reports and metrics for it. Tools like Capistrano helps in automate deployment process.

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