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Why Your Startup Must Outsource its MVP Development in 2023?

Innovations that are born in startups can change the world. It is possible to develop a new business model from a simple idea that could solve the problem of a large population.

Airbnb is a good example. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia didn’t have deep pockets to splurge on web development when Air-Bed-Breakfast was just a business model. Developing the website and managing the business themselves was their responsibility. To make Airbnb the disruptive business model that it is today, they had to deploy full-time resources after the business was validated and after the funding rounds began.

Startups with ground-breaking ideas are often constrained by a lack of resources, just like Airbnb in its early days. Their ambitions are high, but their resources are limited. It is also important for them to get validation for their idea before investing time, money, and effort in it.

Therefore, it makes sense to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before creating a full-blown product. Before diving into the deep end, you need to build an MVP to see how deep the water is.

MVP development: Should you do-it-yourself or outsource it?

Who will build your MVP if you are a startup? 

Are you better off doing it yourself? Yes, maybe. There was a lot of web development expertise among the Airbnb founders. As a result, they were able to quickly create a neat online room booking website.

Would you be able to do some deep programming or design for your MVP? It is one thing to come up with ideas, but it is another to deliver an MVP. Is it a good idea to hire an in-house team like RailsCarma  to develop the MVP if your programming skills are insufficient?

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a business is finding the right people. Finding people can be quite a curveball to handle, whether it’s for mobile or web development, or even for simple blueprint design. To put it another way, assembling a team to build the MVP itself could be challenging.

You may want to consider outsourcing your MVP development to RailsCarma.

How does it make sense? The benefits of outsourcing MVP development for your business are numerous. The following are some of them:

1. Specialists are available

The benefits of outsourcing include access to world-class talent in virtually any field. You can get the work done quickly and efficiently by outsourcing Web development, mobile app development, design, and marketing.

One good thing about MVP development companies is that they have the entire team under one roof. To build your MVP, you can hire resources on a timely basis or engage them for a short period of time.

2. Technical consultation

A MVPs should spend considerable time understanding customers, their pain points, and how to solve their problems. MVPs must address customers’ needs head-on, so they must be working models. It is now possible to solve customer needs by innovating existing solutions or by creating new technical solutions from scratch. Technical consultation is required for both options. RailsCarma specializes in MVP development have technical expertise as well as customer-facing understanding, which makes them capable of building the right product.

3. Quick turnaround

As MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, as defined by Eric Ries. There is, however, a certain amount of effort required. Even the smallest tasks can take a long time when you exert effort on your own. A MVP development team with expert knowledge can ensure a quick turnaround of your MVP. During the early days of outsourcing, Slack – the communication and collaboration tool – was able to ramp up its development.

4. Reduction of costs

You can save a huge chunk of your MVP development costs by outsourcing MVP development. Outsource your in-house developer and build a feature-rich MVP at a fraction of the cost. In addition to running market research and designing user personas, you can also use the cost savings to build a near-perfect MVP.

5. Partnering to ensure success

When you work with an outside partner to build the MVP, you develop a mutual understanding of the product and its long-term vision. Whenever you are ready to scale your MVP into a full-fledged working product, this will come in handy. As a result of the groundwork laid to build the MVP, a partnership will be formed that will streamline future operations. You don’t have to start from scratch when briefing the requirements.

For startups, is it common to outsource MVP development?

Let’s return to MVP development. Alibaba, Slack, Google, and other companies outsourced their solutions to developers globally in the early days. Approximately 50% of tech companies have outsourced development or parts of it in 2021. Statistics show that most of them are satisfied with their third-party partners.
For these companies, ‘Why outsource MVP development for startups? The question never came up. In order to reduce costs and gain an outside perspective, they decide to externalize the work on different parts of an MVP development service.

Bringing it all together

A prototype is the first step in a 1000-mile journey of product development for any startup. It only needs to be done once, but it should be done correctly. It is possible for you to build your own MVP. However, the process may take a long time and may not yield the best results.

Using experts with expertise and experience could result in better results when you outsource MVP development. Additionally, it eliminates the need to spend time and money on technical studies, consultations, and decision-making. The combination of all these benefits makes outsourcing MVP development a smart move for startups.

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