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Product is subscription based multi-tenant online accounting SAAS application with multi-database architecture. It has modules Dashboard, Sales, Purchases, Accounting, Reports, Subscriptions, Settings. It is a multi-lingual application which works with two languages, English and Arabic. So, it is easier for middle-east people to use it. It is designed very neatly so that the users can easily understand the application. The application has primarily two sections: Admin Section and Tenant section.


This product is mainly used in middle-east countries – shopper keepers, wholesalers, service providers, small and large scale companies which provide services or inventory management etc., A project brief is explained below.

Admin Section

It primarily serves for managing the subscribers, their invoices, managing subscription plans and some settings for the application. It has Dashboard which shows summary of the subscriptions, managing organizations, and their invoices and the final one is ‘Settings’ which has Roles/User Management, Subscription plans and Management of currencies.

Tenant Section


In display, the Expenses & Revenues, Outstanding invoices and bills, Top Customers & Vendors and the ‘Recent 5 activities in the application’ are showcased using a nice graphical representation with High Charts.


All Sales related business documents are maintained under this menu.

  • Products – All the product/Inventories related data is stored in here
  • Customers – Managing customers
  • Quotations – Raising quotations to customers, sending quotation emails and converting quotations into invoices.
  • Invoices – Managing invoices, payments, creating and sending emails with the invoices as PDFs etc.,
  • Credit notes –  In case there is a return in invoiced product, this would be created as a credit notes.

We have all the purchase related business documents under this menu.

  • Purchase Orders –  Placing purchase orders for the products
  • Bills – Whether it is about raising a bill against the purchase order, creating bills/expenses or paying bills – for all these actions accounting transactions takes place.
  • Vendors – Managing vendors for creating bills/purchase order
  • Debit notes – In case there is a return of the billed product, this would be created as a credit notes
  • Chart of Accounts –  Wherein all the accounts management can be seen – creating, editing, accounts deactivating accounts etc.,
  • Manual leger entries – Accountants in some cases, want to make the ledger entries manually. This can be performed with all the possible validations.

In this menu, you can see all kinds of reports important to the business. All these reports include option to export in Excel and PDFs with the data filters which are very much flexible from the perspective of any business.


In this menu all the flexibility options are included for you to upgrade, downgrade, add organization, edit billing details etc. anytime you require these. As an admin, you can perform any of these actions according to your business needs.




Client details are protected under strict NDA and, therefore we do not disclose such information. However, we can provide references once you make an enquiry.

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