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CMS For An Ecommerce


Business Requirement

This module aims at providing the facility to build a website for the spree store. This module is part of the marketing application. This module is designed to help the store admin to create a website for the store front using the available themes. Also show the articles from marketing application.

The application handled the following

  • Provides audience measurement results for more than 64000 advertising faces within the 5 main cities in Australia.
  • Users (advertisers) can access 112 target demographics across 3 areas to measure their campaigns– Roadside, Transport and Lifestyle/Retail.
  • Present detailed reports of the marketwise measurement results.
  • Processing of the latest input data provided by various partners and provide the precise results.
  • Ability to select smaller areas (sub-areas) using Google maps to find the exact measurement details on small scaled zones. These also includes additional details of car-drivers, pedestrians etc.
  • Ability to see the population density on specific zones of major five cities in Australia.


CMS was the solution with additional feature of drag and drop of the articles from marketing application. This was made possible by using mercury editor which supports fro code snippets.

Client – Software Company, US
Man hours spent – 700+ hours

Some Of The Highlights Of The System Are

  • The store admin with the same log in of marketing application can access this module.
  • This module is accessible based on the plans in marketing application
  • show the articles in the website created in marketing application without re writing
  • Drag and drop images into the website gallery from the system


  • Ruby 2.1.3, Rails 4.1.6, Html/CSS/JS.
  • Gems- kaminari, new-relic_rpm, cancan, rspec.
  • API integration of the platform with Google Analytics.
  • Mercury Editor.

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