5 Steps To Build The Perfect Remote Team

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5 Steps to build the perfect remote team (image courtesy-blog.andersonporter.com)


Establishing a remote contractor team is an efficient way to add more capabilities to your organization and gives you an advantage whenever peak business period comes. These are some of the points that needs to be kept in mind while choosing your remote team

1. Understanding the requirement and finding options

Know which particular tasks require additional manpower. Then, analyze what skills are required to deliver the results and after that, start looking for the offshore company who fits your business needs. Always check the most in-demand and well recognized freelancing online sites or post ads on the internet. Also, check your personal network for individuals who might be appropriate for your outsourcing requirements. Using search engines for research is also a popular option.

2. Monitory aspect

Expect the hourly remuneration to vary in an inconsistent manner, particularly if you’re going to hire workers based offshore. You will discover discounts out there but, do not hire based entirely on cost. Inexpensive workers are only worth employing if you are planning to spend on training them or, just have them put up to do the simplest of tasks.

3. Recruiting

Recruiting ought to be conducted the same way you would when, you look for permanent workforce. This certainly will help you save a definite amount of time in the future if you need to hire that person again. Continue to be on the lookout for other skills and working experience which you may need.

4. Choosing the correct communication channel

You need to establish stable and swift communication, since you are dealing with a variety of people from different parts of the country. It is even more essential when they are from different regions of the globe. Set up regular weekly meetings for work progress overviews and, to address any specific complications with the project. We use Basecamp, Skype, voice conference, etc.  for proper communication with our clients.

5. Effective Project Management tactics

You must define each person’s role along with the duties assigned to them for the project to go the correct path. Numerous project management tools are out there but, we trust Base camp for the sheer ease of use and ability to create a clear picture of the project or discussion in hand.

Building an offshore team of skilled workforce for your corporation can be an obstacle, especially when there are language and work cultural boundaries in the way. However, with distinct communication, project management, and raw passion, you and your team will be able to overcome these obstructions soon enough.

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