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Metamagic 101 – Introduction, Installation & Usage

Metamagic gem is a RoR plugin for creating and managing meta tags. It auto-generates the meta tags dynamically throughout and cuts down the need for writing it every time. In addition to the regular meta tags, metamagic also supports custom tags, OpenGraph (Facebook)...

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Urlify Functions & Its Implementation

URLify is a simple gem that refines the conversion of UTF-8 strings to ASCII-safe URI strings and enables it to be used as readable URL-segments. After the gem is installed, you can call the URLify function for any UTF-8 string and it will be automatically...

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Ruby Class Methods : Class and Instance Methods in Ruby

One of the most important aspects of writing the ruby classes is to understand the difference between the class methods and the instance methods & we’d like to cover this difference in this post of ours. First off, the method that resides at the class...

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