7 things about Ruby on Rails that make it unique

With the world of IT constantly spawning new and innovative web development technologies, what makes Ruby on Rails still relevant and popular? The answer to this question majorly lies in all the efficiency Rails adds to a project, that leads to establishing productivity and profitability for your web application/software development project. So, when the business returns matter more than the technology used, Rails is the technology of choice. The key expectation of a business from its application is to achieve a working system that helps in achieving the revenue goals of the business with shorter turn-around-time.

While there can be various grounds on which another technology proves to be superior over Ruby on Rails, when it comes to bringing in project efficiencies, there is no other technology which would develop web based business software as cost effectively as Rails. Having said that, here are the 7 things that make Ruby on Rails still one of the most sought after technologies for web development:

Speed of Development

It is arguably one of the speediest ways to build an application by iterating upon a functional design. The best part is that you can further improve and build upon the MVP launched, when it is approved and successful. Additionally, its simple stack with MVC architecture and the concept of ‘convention over configuration’ accelerates the development cycle furthermore.

Ease of Maintenance

The design philosophy of rails makes it a breeze for you to know exactly where to look for an issue, when trying to debug the application. This is important since even a new developer can hit the ground running with doing enhancements to your elaborate Rails project while the businesses can feel confident while hiring new rails resources as to they would be able to handle the project well.

Sufficient Support

Ruby on Rails is supported sufficiently when it comes to its extensive library and developer resources. Backed by an enthusiastic core team of developers, the technology is undergoing constant improvements with the new versions are being released regularly. This ensures that the framework stays up-to-date and relevant with the latest of the technologies for compatibility with the new tools with its basic philosophy maintained to be the same.

Automated Testing

Apart from its other exquisite features, the built-in automated testing system of this framework is also elaborate and user-friendly. Automated testing implies that while developing any feature, the developer also writes an automated test that can be run anytime to ensure that the feature works fine in a longer term. Its automated-testing-driven development is one more reason why Ruby on Rails is a sought-after framework.

Scope of Performance Improvement

At its core, the technology is meant to enable speedy development while not particularly focusing on the performance and speed of the applications being developed. On the other hand, the Ruby on Rails Applications perform quite well except for a few extremely rare cases. In such cases, the glitches can be easily resolved by following a couple of simple steps. There can be even rarer incidences when Ruby is unable to handle these performance issues directly and in these rarest of cases, it lets you employ C language.

Delightful Usage

According to the philosophy of Ruby on Rails, its goal is to make developers happy while writing it. This may not be such an important thing to many at first but its implications are way more critical than one could imagine. This is because when your development team enjoys its work, they are more likely to stick around and be productive. Ruby on Rails delivers this and is therefore, a technology of choice.


It is because this framework brings in a lot of productivity and efficiency to your project, your project turns out to be profitable and cost-effective. So, this framework easily proves to be cost effective in terms of the resources such as time, money and efforts. Whether it is about hosting or the maintenance of these apps, these are anytime friendly to your startup or small business budget as well.

With all so many striking reasons, there should be no second thought on why RoR should be the technology of choice for your next project regardless of what all new technologies have recently hit the application development market.

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