Criteria For Selecting The Best Ruby on Rails Development Outsourcing Provider

One of the most exciting frameworks for creating web applications, Ruby on Rails has been the developers’ delight in true sense of the term for well over a decade now. It takes a thorough expert to make the most of this versatile and extremely customizable framework for developing a feature-rich web application that promises to perform well in the market. While it is always an option to hire a Ruby on Rails developer for building your application on full time or freelance basis, the need to avail proven expertise at affordable and realistic rates compels small businesses starting with reasonable budgets to explore outsourcing partnership options.

So, are you looking to outsource your Ruby on Rails project to expert developers? Do you want to make sure that you find the perfect Ruby on Rails outsourcing services partners to handhold you in your digital transformation journeys? Or do you want to partner with Ruby on Rails development specialists who offer standard quality services at affordable rates adhering to your project timeline?

In any case, outsourcing your ruby on rails application development project to expert professionals can reap multiple benefits for your business depending on which direction you are headed in. As a business looking to grow, you get to enjoy world-class services at rates, your business can fit in its budget or as a development agency yourself, you can affordably outsource standard quality services to help your business as an extended team working for you.

The development of Ruby on Rails application is anything but a standard project to undertake. It involves its own set of customizations needed so as to fit the bill for the client business needs. So, to help you make the best choice of a rails development outsourcing partner, we have compiled a checklist of criteria for selecting the best Ruby on Rails Development Outsourcing Providers.

Practical experience with the latest versions

While the programming language Ruby has existed for more than last two decades, Ruby on Rails framework has also been around for over a decade now. In all this time, the language as well as the framework has gone through its own course of further developments and improvements. So, ideally an expert outsourcing partner should be well-versed with at least RoR Version 4 and upwards and should possess practical experience of working with extensive projects on these. It makes perfect sense to have a look at these applications to judge the level of expertise.

Extensively handling of Open Source Database Systems

It takes an exhaustive database to come up with a Ruby on Rails application with every feature required to cater to your business needs. So, the development team you hire should have ample experience with working on the open source database systems in order to leverage the open source in the best way possible for building a feature-rich application for your business. So, it is advisable to check whether the team in question is experienced at dealing with the SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and the non-SQL database such as MongoDB. It will also be good if they can use Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python in a coordinated manner (predefined to a LAMP stack).

Expertise with integrating APIs

APIs play a critical role in ensuring smooth communication of the client side and the server side of the RoR application. So, your Ruby on Rails Development outsourcing partner should be good at working with JSON and REST APIS so as to ensure this happens.

Automated Software Testing

Your prospective Ruby on Rails development partner must be well-versed with working on the automated test frameworks such as Cucumber or RSpec along with the testing tools such as Capybara. These tools do not only reproduce the real user behavior but also, serve to reduce the human effort. Using these tools becomes important to ensure smooth functioning of your RoR application even during high traffic hours.

Front-end and Mobile Expertise

Last but not the least, the app design and its front end is the first thing that a user happens to notice. However feature-rich your rails application may be, if it doesn’t appeal to the aesthetic sense and convenience of your audience or if they cannot peruse it on their mobile devices optimally, they might not stick around for long enough. So, to make sure that the front end of your application is user-friendly and is able to capture the attention of a typical user, your development expert should also possess exceptional front-end development and design expertise along with specializing at its mobile implementation aspect.

What makes RailsCarma ideal Rails Development Service Outsourcing Partner?

RailsCarma has been around for almost as many years as Ruby on Rails has existed and the company has evolved its expertise to keep it in line with the industry trends through its continued efforts to innovate, reinvent and improve and the extensive experience working on numerous projects from across industries and geographies. Our clients vouch for our successful and continued partnership with them as their go-to Rails technology experts and we make sure that we live up to their expectations by striving to achieve service excellence. We work with Scrum and Agile to ensure that not only your project is rolled out in a smooth fashion, but your application also meets your expectations related to its form and function. Get in touch with Us to share your opinion or queries.

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