RailsCarma Blog in Feedspot Top 30 Ruby On Rails Blogs

RailsCarma’s blog has been selected as one of the Top 30 Ruby On Rails Blogs on the web by Feedspot, a San Francisco based company offering an RSS feed reader that is a popular replacement of the Google Reader. It is noteworthy that Feedspot has recently released reportedly the most comprehensive list of Ruby on Rails blogs and their panelists have selected RailsCarma as one of the top-30 Ruby on Rails blogs available on the world-wide-web. As a reward to recognize RailsCarma’s contribution to the Ruby on Rails community, Feedspot has presented RailsCarma with a badge of “Top 30 Ruby on Rails Blog” which the website can now display on its blog.

Mr. Aromal Rajagopal, the CEO of RailsCarma, has congratulated the team on this achievement, for their demonstrated expertise and consistent efforts at pursuing excellence at this technology. He has also appreciated their qualitative execution of Ruby on Rails projects along with an apt presentation of technical prowess on the website blog which has helped reinforce the technical leadership of the organization.

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About Feedspot: Feedspot is a San Francisco based organization that is primarily into offering an RSS Feed Reader which is one of the replacements for the earlier popular Google Reader. It offers a simple web application for reading the news, sub-feeds for tags, starred items and favourites. It is rich with a lot of other social features that enable sharing stories with friends.

About RailsCarma: RailsCarma specializes at crafting solutions for entrepreneurs, large organizations, agencies and start-ups. With these solutions that blend together the ingenuous expertise, system prowess, and cloud compatibility, RailsCarma endeavors to maximize the profits that their clients educe from their IT investment. As an industry veteran, RailsCarma has been implementing Ruby on Rails right from its nascent stages for development, training, deploying and contributing back to the Rails Community.

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