Business Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Ever wondered why Twitter, Basecamp, Hulu, Groupon & LivingSocial use Ruby on Rails for their application? It kind of reassures you about the credibility and efficiency of a technology when such big names base their business applications on it. Ruby on Rails as the technology of choice, doesn’t only offer an improved performance and shorter development cycle to your application but it also serves to make it much more affordable. We’ve been into Rails Application Development from soon after the public release of the framework & have built hundreds of apps to create remarkable business value for our diverse clientele. From our experience, we can say that Rails offers great value for money for the businesses along with its other benefits such as high degree of flexibility & top performance.

Reasons to choose Rails for your upcoming business application:

1) Higher affordability:

The speedy development of Rails sites combined & their high performance combined together Rails technology a high value proposition choice for entrepreneurs to consider for the web development of their business, as compared with the other contemporary technologies.

2) Less time needed to launch:

With Rails technology, the websites take less than half the amount of time to launch as compared to the traditional development technologies. This is mainly due to the leanness of the Rails code allowing little space for any code redundancy, ability to reuse the already existing components eliminating the need to build everything from the scratch and the existing plugins that eliminate the need to build several features rom the scratch.

3) Easy to manage changes:

After site launch, future modifications to your site (e.g., adding new features and making any remarkable changes to the data model) is easy and quick to perform. Ad this is attributed to the same reasons as noted above.

4) Marketing:

Rails ends up making a website looking better as compared to the competition. This helps garner higher level of engagement from the target audience. Rails is extremely well-suited for both state-of-the-art public websites and complex enterprise core system applications that are supposed to incorporate many complex business rules and logic. Being versatile, Rails is able to compete with the sleek and the powerful applications alike.

5) Maturity:

Rails has been around for long enough and it works in its favor when it comes to choosing the technology stack since in this case you look for something with a proven track record and Ruby on Rails has that.

6) Pragmatism:

If you have zero tolerance for unnecessary complications, Rails scores really well in this department with its pragmatic and simple coding practices that avoid all complication even at the smallest scale.

So, to sum it up, while it may not be remarkably cost-effective for your simple professional web application to be based on Rails, if you plan to build a large website on this platform, you are likely to gain remarkable value for your money and return on your web application investment by using this technology.

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