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All About MVC Architecture

Rails is web application frame work that includes everything needed to create database backed up web application according to the MVC (Model-view-Controller) MVC architecture is for —-when you create an application like online store and it require  HTML front for...

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The Stages of Project Management

A project can be broken down into four different stages. Each stage is crucial and should be treated as just as important as the other stages. The four stages are: Defining the Project This is the first step of project management, incredibly crucial, and frequently...

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Remove Files From The Revision History Of SVN Repository

When we work on a private repository which is used for our personal testing or development, we may upload some private data. The unwanted file uploads in multiple commits will drastically increase the repository size. Once the development work is over and when we...

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Ways to Improve Team Productivity

With margins getting slimmer due to competition, employers and managers may feel the need to squeeze every bit of productive output from their staff to reduce expenses. There seems to be so much time wasted and too few things done. There are countless ways you can...

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The Importance of Relationship Marketing

 Good relationships marketing means being truly interested in the people you deal with, both from a business and personal view. Relationship Marketing is a key factor in today's business world. It's not anymore about the initial enthusiasm you show when you bag a...

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5 Steps To Build The Perfect Remote Team

  Establishing a remote contractor team is an efficient way to add more capabilities to your organization and gives you an advantage whenever peak business period comes. These are some of the points that needs to be kept in mind while choosing your remote team 1....

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Achieving Results With Remote Team

Remote teams are becoming much more common because of the rapid development of communications technology. The option to have people work remotely is extremely appealing to many employers who value the additional schedule flexibility and the ability to save time and...

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Carmatec beats Google!

"Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning" Erwin Rommel After winning the inter corp cricket match against Google! Oppa Gangnam...

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